Software Factory

Why should you choose the Software Factory ?

> Native applications in the Cloud
> Mobile – Cross Platform
> The most innovative and consolidated frameworks for web developement
> .NET Core as the standard framework for back-end developing

The technical skills and experience of our employees allow us to manage:

> Business critical. Particular attention to the quality of the final product is a key element to our work.
> New businesses. These enterprises often need support through external consulting in order to learn about new technologies and how to implement them according to their clients’ needs. 

Our solutions are planned and developed to be adaptable to the Cloud environment too, so that:

> Management costs are low;
> Optimisation of variable workloads;
> The application lifecycle becomes easy to manage and mantain.

> Teams specifically structured to have both back-end and front-end skills;

> Test team is separated from the develop teams

> Teams and profiles assigned to management: PMs, Tech Leads, Software Architecture;



> Agile Methodologies (Scrum) e DevOps practices;
> Activity control and resource planning systems (Board Kanban, etc.);
> Constant communication with customers to manage and control projects;


> Integration between systems, automation of industrial processes or control of production mechanisms;

> Data analysis, reports and self service BI.

During the last few years it has become increasingly important to be able to gather data and present them in a why that could suit the need to read them in a fast and useful manner in order to make better decisions.



Paolo Siligoni

Chief Operating Officer

Entrepreneur in innovative companies in Switzerland and Europe. Committed to the use of new technologies, like payments industry and fintech, he founded and managed several start-ups and builded strong relationships with key customers to achieve excellent results in the digital transformation 


Diego Dorola

CTO and Software Factory Supervisor

Experienced software developer and application lifecycle manager, after a ten-year long experience as Chief Development Officer in big companies he joined Blazar Group as Chief Technology Officer, supervising all of the Software Factory projects and the Microsoft Competence Center

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