Consulenza IT

Value Consulting

The IT Consulting area is the historical business line of Blazar Group.

We specialize in the technologies and best practices of software development and application lifecycle management.

Consulting activities remain the best opportunity for us to demonstrate the technical and interpersonal skills of our teams, given the continuous opportunities for discussion and dialogue that develop during project collaborations.

Every Blazarian experiences counseling as the ideal opportunity to transfer their value

Sharing goals with our clients and initiating a virtuous professional relationship becomes our mission and enables us to build a synergy geared toward gaining maximum profit, in terms of objective results and mutual satisfaction. 

Meet the Blazar consultant

Cristian embodies the essence of value consulting

For the past four years he has contributed his strong Microsoft Dynamics expertise to an automotive project.

Cristian oversaw the migration to Oracle and Salesforce, built a Data Warehouse and developed a system to cut costs and adaptable to any future CRM. 

Angelo trained in the developer academies curated by Blazar Group. 

He is currently working on a complex project whose members come from all over Europe. 

Thanks to his talents, he has won the trust of his more senior colleagues and has the ability to independently choose which tasks to work on. 

Lorenzo went beyond the C++ developments required by the client.

His determination allowed him to quickly learn new technical specifications related to 5G networks and more easily lead the team through the sprints, deservedly assuming the role of Scrum Master.

Danilo is a developer with 7 years of experience who, project after project, continues to improve his expertise.

He recently refactored the code of a solution, which was modernized with a new microservices-based architecture 

Andrea is a PHP developer working on banking projects.

He decided to approach the Microsoft world, demonstrating her desire to evolve with the technologies and grow with the customer.

Want to better understand how our consultants work?

Why choose Blazar consultants?

The answer is called Personal Growth Plan.

Each of our consultants is followed by a Blazar People Specialist with whom they plan the evolution of their growth curve.

The same specialist interfaces with the client, from whom he asks for feedback on the work done by the consultant, the positive aspects and also on any areas of technical/behavioral improvement.

All information gathered is shared on an ongoing basis, cultivating a client-provider relationship based on trust and dialogue.

Roles and technology stack

You can count on 60 Blazarians ready for action: Project Manager, Tech Leader, Scrum Master, Solution Architect, DevOps, Developer, and CRM Specialist.